1. Choose Where in Malaga you Want to Buy a Home.

When considering the Malaga property, you must consider the location. Choose the part of town where you wish to live or invest. Malaga is a city that has expanded significantly and has a diverse range of neighborhoods. Are different modes of transportation, services, infrastructure, and lifestyles also available?

Except for areas far from the sea, those with inadequate transportation connections, and run-down regions of the north, almost any part of the city is a good location to live. Consider the old district, which, despite its beautiful architecture, might be an issue if you don’t select your spot carefully due to noisy bars.

2. Get the Best Legal Counsel Possible.

Get a skilled lawyer after you know what kind of property you want and where you want it. To ensure that he/she will only represent your interests, choose one who is independent and not affiliated with any estate agencies. Choose someone who speaks English so that everything is explained thoroughly and no questions go unanswered. If your lawyer works or lives in Malaga, that makes things simpler.

3. Complete the Paperwork

Make the most of your Malaga trips to collect the documents you’ll need to buy a house. Get your foreigner’s identity number (NIE in Spanish) from the National Police. This is required if you wish to buy a property or a car in Malaga.

4. Select the right Real Estate Agent.

When dealing with real estate brokers, be cautious. In Spain, the business is not fully regulated, and nearly anybody may operate an estate agency and begin selling the property without any formal qualifications. Malaga has dozens of new restaurants (and there are hundreds of online agencies offering property for sale in the city too). Use a trustworthy agency or one that comes highly recommended. If you’d like a list of reputable agents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with IMMOABROAD for Spanish property for sale.

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