Even though it seems to rain continuously in Britain, very few of us take advantage and harvest rainwater by installing a rainwater butt. In fact, when the summer comes along, the majority of us bring hoses into play to water the gardens and clean the cars, washing away thousands of litres of clean drinking water.

So, in order to preserve that wonderful drinking water, we would like to urge the nation to harvest their rainwater and save money on their water bills, in addition to lessening the strain on the reservoirs and animals living within them.

The following are some of the key reasons to get a water butt installed at home:

  • They help you get subsidies up to 60% or more

To encourage more people to save rainwater, a lot of councils have schemes providing subsidised water butts that can cut start-up expenses to around thirty pounds or less for a standard 200l water butt.

  • They help to store a precious resource of Mother Nature

Here in Britain, rainy days are taken for granted by the majority of people. Yet compare our green and fertile hills with those arid areas of the world where rain is not a given and we begin to understand how this abundant supply of fresh water is essentially amongst the most valuable resources we have.

Get a black water butt and do not let it wash down the drain unused!

  • They can help support the recycling industry

The majority of water butts are made from hardwearing recycled plastic, so your purchase helps to support the green industry of Britain and keep a chunk of useful material out of landfill.

  • They can help save a noteworthy amount of funds

For the ones of you on a water meter, water butts can cut down on the usage of tap water since you’d typically shell out for every litre. In addition, they trim down the amount of waste water for us to take away diminishing the overall water bill as well.

Double whammy!

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