Christmas is a day full of joy for Christians. Of course, many have started to prepare knick-knacks to revitalize it, including a Christmas tree. Christmas tree decorations are mandatory items that can even be considered sacred before the celebration of December 25th. Decorating a Christmas tree can be an exciting activity to strengthen family relationships ahead of the holiday. Christmas trees are generally made of fir trees, but many imitation trees are being sold to replace them. Because the tree is quite rare and not everyone can buy it.

The decorations used are varied. Although each ornament has a meaning, many people are starting to get creative. So, to make it more conceptual, take a look and get inspired by various ideas for decorating a Christmas tree from the christmas-tree-decorating-ideas/”>ICONIC LIFE. The flickering lights and various other ornaments attached to the Christmas tree are not just decorations in the corner of the room. The light on the Christmas tree is believed to bring blessings before the turn of the year.

Mandatory Christmas Tree Ornaments and Their Meaning

Every ornament and decoration attached to the Christmas tree has a deep meaning. People believe the Christmas tree can fulfill the wishes that made it. Even each Ornament has its meaning.

  • The fir tree is a symbol of eternal life and light.
  • The blue and white colors symbolize snow and winter. While the red color indicates the blood of Jesus.
  • The star represents the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Three Wise Men of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.
  • The bell means bringing the lost sheep back into the fold.
  • The candle symbolizes Jesus as the Divine Light that every Christian should follow
  • The bow represents the commitment of every Christian bound to eternal goodwill.
  • Candy Cane represents evil.
  • The Good Shepherd symbolizes Jesus Christ bringing back the lost sheep (His people).
  • Wreaths are a symbol of God’s eternal Love.

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