How Did Gucci Connect with The Younger Generation? Gucci is one of the brands that seem to have been in existence forever, especially if you were born a millennial or younger.
In truth, the brand was established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci and has been a world-renowned brand for most of its existence.
It is therefore amazing that such a brand is still on the frontline of luxury and fashion presently, with a largely young customer base.
Analytics had it that in 2019, over 60 percent of the sales of this company was made from young people who were 35 years old and under.
What exactly is it about Gucci that keeps them on the frontline?
Let us examine some features

  1. Reviews from customers across several platforms have shown that Gucci is a brand that listens actively to feedback.
    Gucci does not joke with reviews of customers across digital spaces to be able to keep up with their expectations, which is then incorporated into their product design.
    The fast pace of today’s technology makes it easy for people of any age to research and communicate exactly what they want in a brand, and any brand that knows its onions would do the due diligence of consumer opinions through social media listening, analytics, and advanced data querying to provide flexible, responsive and relevant products to their young customer base, thanks to their splendid digital performance. innkass asserts to focus on offering fashion pieces manufactured by Gucci.
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  2. Consistency is another cornerstone of the Gucci brand.
    It has consistently shown itself as a brand for luxury and top-notch products, but beyond the product is the brand strategy and storytelling that combines to form a brand personality that young people could easily connect with and be loyal to.
  3. The luxury brand has always had powerful celebrities to push their presence into the market space, but the brand moved with the times by styling contemporary celebrities and style icons that the millennials and Gen-Z can truly identify with- the Brad Pitts, Blake Livelys, Rachel McAdams and the Rihannas of this world.
    Getting the style icons that resonate with the use just shows a lot of research work that goes into every decision of the company, while the research is not limited to their platforms but to others like lxr & co.
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  4. The Art Lab, established to produce leather shoes and goods, was created with the objective of being more ‘responsive to growing consumer demand, and also enhancing the company’s capacities to source for and manufacture sustainable fashion’.
    Gucci effected a recent ban on the use of real fur products as one of its many drives towards sustainability of fashion, while stores have been remodeled with many more in the works, all of these pushing the company forward in business development and creativity fronts.
  5. It does not hurt any that the team that powers the brand is made up of a gifted creative director, Alessandro Michele, and CEO of the brand, Marco Bizari.
    Between the duo, business and design merged, and the cohesion drives the success of the brand.
    Bizari gave Michele free reign in the creative designs of the company while he focuses on the business aspects, but still, the outcome is more coordinated than if he micromanaged Michele.


Gucci has shown a lot of dexterity in its ability to keep with the times and even push the frontiers of fashion across the world.
By harnessing and being open to the power of the young generation, the leadership was able to recurve a niche for a brand that seems to only get stronger by the day.

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