Corporate Gifts Hong Kong are usually given to employees who have good performance. If your company’s sales increase and company profits increase, of course, you start thinking about giving gifts to coworkers and employees to thank you.

What are Hong Kong Corporate Gift Packaging Ideas?

  1. Gift Bag

The simplest and most effective way to pack a variety of items at once is a gift bag. This bag will also still look striking and attractive to look at. You might consider using wrapping paper or tissue paper to line the bag.

This is done not only to protect the goods inside but also to add to the impression of interest in the packaging. You can choose this patterned gift bag or plain bag depending on the type of look you are looking for. Gift bags are plain gift bags that work great with colored paper.

This is done to add nine colors, you can also tie a ribbon to the bag to make it look something interesting and look different. If you’re not very good at tying ribbons, you can stick them, find ribbons in stores with unique accents.

  1. Gift Box

The next packaging idea that is suitable for wrapping Hong Kong corporate gifts is a gift box. You can choose a ready made gift box or a folded box. In this case make sure that you choose a good option.

Because the goods sent to people are goods that must be good and of good quality. The gift box will certainly keep your gift safe and also add some interesting looks from the outside.

You can add some protective packaging such as blanks to fill in the bag, of course without sacrificing the appearance of the wrapper. You should also line the box with colored tissue paper or Kraft paper.

Also, use a piece of paper with a ribbon so that the item is decorated on the outside perfectly. The impression of a unique and sweet touch will be found and shown when you finish packing the item for your employees.

You can also adjust the size and shape of the selected box with the items contained in the box. If you are a retail owner, then storing gift boxes is very useful for offering buyers to buy gifts. Namely as a form of promotion that is effective and efficient.

  1. Kraft Paper (Kraft Tape)

Kraft paper is a Hong Kong corporate gift packaging idea that can wrap gifts and give your gifts a natural look. You can also easily decorate the gift, also use colorful ribbons to make the gift display more lively and sweeter.

Kraft paper is an economical paper, you can use it to wrap a larger number of gifts. You can also choose recycled materials if the brand you choose is environmentally friendly. Kraft paper is a packaging idea that goes well with your corporate gifts.

Be sure to choose the color of kraft paper that matches the contents of the gift, also make sure to choose a color that is elegant and pleasing to the eye.

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