The activity of drawing eyebrows has become a mandatory ritual for women before traveling or doing activities. Especially during a pandemic, the use of masks is certainly a barrier to the beautiful appearance of women. For this reason, eye makeup is indeed quite loved by women to get around makeup so that it still looks optimal. Unfortunately, not all women are adept at drawing their eyebrows perfectly so they have to put in a lot of time and effort for a satisfactory result.

There are various options that can make it easier for women to draw eyebrows, such as eyebrow embroidery to eyebrow tattoos. But this option is not the right choice for some people because the process is long and painful.

Many women choose henna brow kit as an alternative. It turns out that not only for hair coloring or hand decoration, henna can also be used to draw eyebrows, you know! In addition to not requiring a long process and not causing pain, the henna brow is also able to last a long time on your eyebrows so that it can shorten the makeup time.

For some women, having eyebrows with a perfect and thick shape can certainly support their daily appearance. For this reason, drawing or shaping eyebrows is something that some women never miss in their daily makeup ‘ritual’. Along with developments in the world of beauty, of course, you are familiar with several techniques for eyebrow aesthetics, ranging from eyebrow embroidery, brow extensions, to eyebrow tattoos.

Are eyebrow pencils a must-have item in your cosmetic bag? Yes, indeed an eyebrow pencil is one of the mandatory items that you must have to shape and produce naturally beautiful eyebrows. However, as technology develops, cosmetics are no exception. An eyebrow is now not only in the form of an eyebrow pencil. Well, if you like the look of eyebrows that are proportional to the shape of your face and look natural, you can try the henna eyebrow kit eyebrow shaping technique.

Eye Makeup is an Important Element for Your Makeup

Eyes are windows to the soul, which means that they have an important factor in determining a person’s appearance. Including when using makeup. Often the eyes are the element that is highlighted when makeup. Because with the right eye makeup, the face will be more radiant and the appearance will be more leverage.
Of course, eye makeup to make it look brighter and stand out is not easy. There are many tricks to do it. For example by disguising eye bags, giving eyeshadow, scratching eyeliner, to sticking false eyelashes. All of this is done solely to make your eyes brighter and more attractive.

The order of using eye makeup for beginners is very important to know so that you can have a more attractive and bold look because usually beginners will choose simple and natural eye makeup and that’s all.
Isn’t that right? So, let’s just take a look at these eye makeup tips!

Eye primer and concealer

The order of using eye makeup for beginners can be started from the use of eye primer. Same with the face, if you want long-lasting eye makeup, use an eye primer first on the eyelids. After that, just apply the eyeshadow. As for eye bags or panda eyes, you can apply concealer.


For beginners, they usually like natural makeup, including eye makeup. You can choose light or soft eyeshadow colors such as brown, peach, pink, or cream eyeshadow. You can choose a cream-based eyeshadow that is not easy to smudging and lasts a long time. Do not forget to highlight near the brow bone with a light-colored eyeshadow.


The order of using eye makeup for beginners after eyeshadow is to apply eyeliner as an eye frame. For beginners, you can choose a pencil eyeliner that is easier to use. Apply eyeliner on the top line of the eye starting from the outer corner of the eye and then work your way up to just past the corner of the eye. After that, reapply the eyeliner on the upper lashes. If you want smokey eye makeup, use thicker eyeliner. Try to make an unbroken line of eyeliner and blend it with a small brush or cotton buds. You can also apply white eyeliner on the lower eye waterline to make the eyes look wider and fresh.


Make actual eyebrows at the beginning or after finishing eye makeup. First, trim your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and use an eyebrow pencil to frame and shade the eyebrows. Be careful that the eyebrows are not too thick, the shading of the eyebrows follows the direction of the growth of the eyebrow hair to make it more natural.


Next, you start beautifying your eyelashes by using mascara. Curl your lashes first and then apply mascara in a zigzag motion and pointing outwards. If you apply new mascara and then clamp it with an eyelash curler, your eyelashes will become brittle. Mascara will make eyelashes curly, thick, and long.

Online cosmetics are just one example of online store products that are selling well today. Buying makeup products online is indeed the right choice for you ladies who are super busy but still want to have a complete set of cosmetic products.

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