When compiling a resume, it is important to pay close attention not only to the semantic part of the document, but also to its design. Remember that the aesthetically pleasing appearance of a business document will grab the employer’s attention and set you apart from all other job applicants.

Font and layout

It is worth choosing a font style that will be as close as possible to the traditional one. So, in the corporate world, when compiling certain documents, it is customary to use the Times New Roman font. This is the best font for writing a resume if you want to get a traditional position in a large company (for example, a lawyer or an economist). On the other hand, in the creative and creative environment of professionals, it is possible to write documents using other varieties of fonts.

In addition to the direct outline, it is important to choose the right font size. Before submitting your resume, make sure the document is easy to read. The recommended font size for resumes is 12 or 14. Larger sizes and bold outlines can be used to highlight subheadings and section titles, as well as any other important information.

It is important to use the same alignment principle throughout the document (usually use the “justify” parameter). This will make your resume look neater. Depending on your personal preferences, as well as the area in which you are looking for a job, you can draw up a resume in a variety of styles. For example, for a corporate environment, a minimalistic design is suitable, and for a creative area, the use of bright colors.

To understand what we are talking about, you have the opportunity to look at resume examples 2022.

Filling instructions

Writing a professional resume that will help you create a positive impression with the employer about you as a professional is quite a difficult task. However, if you follow simple and universal recommendations, then you will be able to draw up a competent document.

  • Be short and concise. Do not write too much information about yourself on your resume. Due to the large influx of applicants, the employer will not have time to read voluminous documents.
  • Check your grammar. It is very easy to make a grammatical or punctuation mistake in the rush to fill out a resume. However, before sending the document to the employer, it must be carefully re-read to make sure that there are no such typos.
  • Stick to business style. When writing a resume, you need to be guided by the rules and principles of the official business style of presentation. Artistic devices (such as epithets) or colloquial phrases (such as exclamations) should not be used.
  • Write to the point. Your resume should not contain information that is not directly related to the position you are applying for. For example, if you want to become a fitness trainer, you should not write about your experience as a waiter.
  • Be individual. Today on the Internet you can find a large number of examples and templates for filling out a resume. However, in no case should you just copy them.

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