Colored gemstones – the meaning of colors in jewellery. Marketing and psychology experts know perfectly well what impact different colors have on the human psyche and what emotions they evoke.
Colors also matter when it comes to jewellery.
Having knowledge on this subject, you can accurately choose a gift for a loved one and convey a special message.
What is the significance of the individual colored gemstones?

Find out the meaning of several colors!

Each of us has a favorite color.
What color is our favorite, however, has a deep foundation in our psyche – it depends on the temperament, character, individual characteristics, and even the mood that prevails in our lives.
Often, you do not even have to ask for favorite color, it can be seen from the colors of the walls in the person’s home, the predominant colors in their wardrobe, as well as the accessories they choose.
In the case of jewellery, gemstones in specific colors are also important.


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  1. Red– it is the color of love, passion, and desire, it also symbolizes energy.
    It is chosen by people who like to be leaders, are enterprising and courageous.
    A gift in this color can help stimulate someone to live, action, and heal depression.Red-colored gemstone jewelry can also improve the mood of the recipient.
  2. Blue – is a color associated with calmness, subduedness, and delicacy.
    It is chosen by subdued, creative people, dreamers, and trusting people.
    This color also relieves stress, and the blue brightens thoughts and calms down, which has a positive effect on concentration.
  3. Green – is the color associated with nature and hope.
    It is usually the favorite color of gentle, empathetic, and calm people.
    However, the green-colored gemstones seen in jewelry can also symbolize jealousy.
    A gift in this color can also be a symbol of change and mean that we wish someone good luck.
  4. Yellow – is the color of people who are full of energy, who like company, are optimistic, and have high self-esteem. This color is primarily associated with the sun, and therefore life-giving energy.
    A gift in this color will be a symbol of friendship and can be used to improve the mood of the recipient.
  5. Black – this color is chosen by people with a strong character, but fragile inside.
    It is a color associated with professionalism and style, as well as a sense of security, so jewelry made of black-colored gemstones will mean the admiration we express for the recipient.

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