Can infrared body wrap treat cellulitis ? Skincare and beauty industry have greatly benefited from the advancements in science and technology.
With each passing day, we get to see innovative and efficient skincare products and treatments.
Whether you are dealing with acne breakouts or want to reverse aging, there are plenty of solutions and treatments like cocoon detox.

Cellulite is one such skin problem that has become a matter of concern for many.
While there are plenty of ways to treat cellulite, it doesn’t work on all.
The infrared body wrap is one such innovation that is helping people get rid of stubborn cellulitis.
In recent times, infrared body wrap therapy has immense gain in popularity.
Beauty enthusiasts are flocking at cocoon salon Virginia Beach to experience the goodness of this beauty treatment.

In this blog, we will discuss the positive effects of infrared body wraps in removing cellulitis.

What is Cellulite?

Many people perceive cellulite to be fat.
However, both fat and cellulite are different.
Cellulite is the depression or bumps on the skin.
Cellulite generally appears on hips, abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, and arms.
They develop when fat, water, and wastes split into small pockets in the tissues present underneath the skin. Cellulitis form when collagen fibers that acts as a binding factor in the skin stretches and tears.
When collagen fibers stretch, the fat cells expand.
Besides this, improper blood circulation, waste buildup, or fluid retention can be the reason for cellulite.

The arrangement of collagen in women is in a parallel row, which allows fat to accumulate in large quantities and split to form cellulite.
On the other hand, in men, collagen is arranged in an X pattern.
This arrangement prevents fat from accumulating in large quantities.

Can infrared body wrap treat cellulite?

While there are treatments and exercises for cellulitis, they don’t offer effective results on everyone.
However, infrared body wraps have emerged as an answer to cellulitis.

Infrared rays are a band of light that are perceived as heat.
Infrared light is invisible to the naked eyes.
However, it can be felt as heat.
Unlike other light waves, infrared light only heats the body and not the air.

The infrared light can be divided into three levels – near-infrared, middle infrared, and far-infrared.
Amongst the three infrared rays, only far infrared penetrates the organic matter.
The far infrared wavelength can penetrate the body 2-3 inches deep.
The infrared light creates a uniform heating effect on the body.

How Infrared Body Wraps work?

Far infrared body wrap therapy offers a plethora of benefits such as improved microcirculation, skin elasticity, body slimming, detoxification, and much more.
Many tanning salons in Virginia Beach offer infrared body wrap therapy.
The therapy is designed to deliver the infrared light deep into the fat cells to break them.
Infrared body wraps use the body’s radiant energy.
The thermal blanket wrapped around the body increases the body’s vibration and temperature.
The heat increases cell metabolism and improves circulation.
This facilitates a faster breakdown of fat tissues.
The destroyed fat cells then get flushed out from the body naturally.

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