Chanel handbag collection in 2022

As a Chanel handbag fan, I follow their ready to wear collection because I know that is where I can get the first sight of their newest handbags. They launched some new pieces this season and the collection is featured with this extragerated 18k gold oversized chain almost for every piece. The design is different this year, they put a lot of energy into making mini size shoulder bags, they even made tiny mini bags just for decorating the outfit.  Let us have a look at the collection!

The bags are just gorgeous and I think it is the dream of every woman to get these bags as much as they want. But did you see the price tags? A mini bag worths $4,900 and I think this is not the most expensive bag in the collection. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely do not have such a budget for a bag. so I did some research myself trying to find some lookalike bags to add into my collection.

Check out Chanel dupe bags 2022

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Here is what I found after doing several research on google, I found this website which has the most comprehensive Chanel dupe bags from the newest inspired pieces to the most classic items. Let us have a picture browse before clicking in anything.

Did you find anything interesting? This website is selling dupe bags not fake bags so there is of course no logos or certificates. Their products are not limited only in Chanel lookalikes you can find other luxury dupe bags. They have the best Hermes Birkin Dupes as well at the best price all over the internet. I am a big fan of Birkin bags myself so I compared basically all of the websites who sell dupes. The price ranges from 175$ to 200$ for bags which are similar to the Hermes Birkin bags. For the real fake bags, the price is up to more than 400$ and if you are not familiar with the website, it is not very assured to put 400$ at risk. The prices of this website for birkin dupes are from $110-$120, including the shippings.

Less talk more pictures for Birkin Dupes

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You can find some classic Kelly dupe bags as well on their catalog. There are Gucci inspired bags, Dior dupes and LV dupes. Oh, I forgot to mention Alexander Wang dupe bags, you can find them as well on their website.

Money Guarantee and client service

If you are worried about payment security, you can pay by Paypal or Stripe. In the case of never receiving the product, you are guaranteed to get a 100% refund. On top of that, if you have any questions regarding your order, you can reach out for client service, they normally reply to you within 24 hours.

Voila, that is what I found, this website is really for the girls who want to wear similar designer bags but for a reasonable price. Love yourself and also love your wallet.

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