In the 60s, the Halloween costumes adults wore were either be superman, a plane, cat-woman, Spiderman, a bird, or any other Halloween costume that suit that era. These costumes could be spiced up with short skirts, and figure-tight bodysuits. The rubber masks of the 60s also made one look like a comic book character after dressing up or pop-culture figures like the Beetles.

These costumes are not only affordable but of high quality.

60’s Daisy Dress Adult Costume

The 60’s Daisy Dress Adult Costume is a Halloween costume produced for adults. These costumes are usually very inexpensive online. It was sewn like a gown shape, is sexy and tight, and has flowers imprinted on it. 60’s Daisy Dress Adult Costume is mostly black.

60’s Tie Dye Adult Costume

The 60’s Tie Dye Adult Costume is a Halloween costume created for men. The piece is sold for $36.95. In the pack, you’ll find a pair of white trousers and a vintage-colored long-sleeve top. It looks elegant and sharp on anyone. The trousers are baggy in shape thus reflecting the dress sense of that era.

The 60s Halloween costume also comes with a black scarf that can be worn around the neck.

Tie Dye Dude Adult Costume

This 60s Halloween costume can be bought from a local store or e-commerce store online for about $45.95. The costume contains a pair of thick blue jeans, and a long-sleeve top with numerous color combinations and drawings.

You can wear the Tie-Dye Dude Adult Costume on a pair of sandals or nice footwear. The attire is exquisite, has a high-quality and improves your appearance after wearing it. It looks retro and screams the 60s.

60’s Psychedelic CND Shirt Adult Costume

The fourth costume on this list is another type of 60s Halloween costume for adults. The psychedelic CND Shirt adult costume is a bright-colored costume that is made up of a long black trousers and a long-sleeve shirt.

It looks classic and the purple coloration of the long-sleeve top makes you desire the halloween costume more. You can purchase the costume if you can afford $28.95 from your budget.

Retro Afghan Coat Adult Costume

The Retro Afghan coat adult costume is a 60s Halloween costume meant for women. The pack contains a baggy pair of female trousers, a white short-sleeve top, and a brown colored flurry coat. The 60s Halloween costume is available for sale at $43.95.

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